Jeffrey R. Hayes Research Award

This award is for graduate students in the Department of Art History for research support related to thesis or thesis exhibition. Support for research may include travel expenses, research grants, conference fees, fellowships, or thesis exhibition expenses. Awards may also be made to cover travel expenses related to attendance at professional conferences for the purposes of presenting research related to the thesis.

The Department strongly encourages MA candidates writing theses to apply for the Hayes Award during their second year in the program. Applying for the Hayes Award provides students with vital experience in grant writing, which is integral to our MA curriculum.

The late Dr. Jeffrey R. Hayes
School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Art History, College of Letters & Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide a description of your research agenda or proposed travel destination, date and purpose.
  2. Provide a budget for your research agenda or your proposed travel, indicating a total and specifying the breakdown of expenses.
  3. Provide the name and email address of your MA supervisor or a faculty sponsor who can attest to approval of your research proposal or proposed travel.
  4. If you are applying for an award for proposed travel to a professional conference you should also apply to the Graduate Student Travel Award through the UWM Graduate School. Upload a copy of that application.