Alan D. Corre Judaic Studies Scholarship

The Alan D. Corre Judaic Studies Scholarship is open to Jewish Studies majors and minors, and to other students taking Jewish Studies coursework at UWM, with demonstrated academic merit.

Students who have an up-to-date Panther Scholarship Portal General Application will be considered, typically in spring each year between February and March. No additional or separate application is required; students should thoroughly fill out the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. Awards given in spring are for the following school year so students graduating that same spring or summer are not eligible. E.G. applications reviewed in Spring 2024 are for Fall 2024; students graduating in May or August 2024 are not eligible.

The Corre Family
Varies up to $2,000
Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Jewish Studies, College of Letters and Science, UWM Foundation Scholarships