Raymond E. Hatcher Memorial Scholarship

The Raymond E. Hatcher Scholarship is given to juniors, seniors and graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences (biology or microbiology) for academic and scholarly achievements in biological sciences. Applications are typically accepted in January and February for the following fall. E.G. applications accepted in February 2024 are for Fall 2024 scholarships.

There is a single application for students to complete to apply for all 2024-25 biology scholarships and awards.
Graduate students should apply at https://uwm.academicworks.com/opportunities/14768
Biology and Microbiology majors should apply at https://uwm.academicworks.com/opportunities/14767

Friends and Family of Raymond E. Hatcher
Varies up to $2,500
Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Biological Sciences Department, College of Letters and Science