Schwertfeger Student Award

Fred and Ruth Schwertfeger support a variety of scholarships and awards for German students at UWM. Eligible students will have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and preference will be given to declared German majors, minors, or Business German minors. These scholarships are for study abroad to Germany (or a German-speaking country) in Summer or Fall 2023. Students planning to study abroad must also complete the study abroad application and approval process through the UWM Center for International Studies and meet all of their deadlines. The deadline to apply for approval for winter and spring abroad is October 1 and the deadline to apply for approval for summer and fall abroad is March 1.

Scholarship applications are typically accepted in October/November for winter and spring study abroad and in February for summer and fall study abroad. The study abroad must occur prior to a student’s graduation date.

Ruth and Frederick Schwertfeger
varies up to $2,500
Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
German Program, College of Letters and Science
Supplemental Questions
  1. Why have you chosen to study German, how does it relate to your career plans, and how will this scholarship assist you with your financial situation?
  2. Provide a short description of the study abroad program or international internship you will be participating in, including the time period you will be abroad.
  3. Please attach a PDF of your unofficial UWM transcript documenting your academic record. Upload PDF files only and name your file with your last name and the word “transcript.” For example, doetranscript.pdf or jonestranscript.pdf.