Marian Drake Breskvar Scholarship

Intended for continuing Wisconsin resident juniors, seniors, or master’s level students with a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA and demonstrated financial need. Must be a full-time student and have filed the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year. Preference given to students who work (or have worked) in order to assist with living expenses and tuition costs. This scholarship is not intended for PhD level students.

School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
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Supplemental Questions
  1. Approximate number of credits you plan to take at UWM each semester: Indicate "0" if none will be taken in that term.
    • Fall 2021:
    • Spring 2022:
    • Summer 2022
    • Winterim 2022:
  2. Indicate your expected UWM graduation date (month and year).
  3. Suggested Letter of Recommendation: Provide the name and email address of an individual who will provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf. (This person should not be related to you).