E. Paul and Jane Humke International Mathematics Scholarship

The E. Paul and Jane Humke International Mathematics Scholarship is given to a student for participation in the study abroad program in mathematics in Budapest, Hungary. More information about the study abroad semester can be found at: https://budapestsemesters.com/apply-2/. The study abroad experience can take place in Summer 2020 or Fall 2020.

Eligible students will be math majors with at least sophomore standing and a strong record of academic success. Students should have completed one semester of real analysis or abstract algebra prior to going abroad in order to successfully complete the coursework in Budapest.

The student offered the scholarship must still apply and be accepted to the Budapest program in order to receive the scholarship. The application deadline to apply to the Budapest program is March 1 for the Summer 2020 term or April 1 for the Fall 2020 term. Students will know if they have been offered the scholarship prior to needed to apply to the Budapest program.

Applicants must leave enough time for the individuals writing letters of recommendation to complete their part of the process before the deadline. Your recommenders will receive an email with instructions on how to supply the recommendation, and they will respond to that email. Thus, you must apply and supply the recommenders name and email well before the deadline to give them enough time to receive and respond to the email.

Questions about the scholarship can be directed to Prof. Gabriella Pinter (gapinter@uwm.edu) or Prof. Richard Stockbridge (stockbri@uwm.edu).

Varies up to full costs of the study abroad experience
School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
College of Letters & Sciences, Math
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a current copy of your resume.
  2. Provide an essay that addresses (1) your reasons for wanting to complete the Budapest math study abroad semester, (2) your research/career interests related to mathematics, including how this experience would help you achieve your goals, and (3) your interest in living in Budapest, including any previous contact or relationship you may have had with Hungarian people.
  3. During which semester would you complete the math study abroad experience in Budapest?
  4. Letter of Recommendation: Please provide the name and email address of 2 current or former professors/instructors who can provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
    • Please provide the name and email address of your first reference.
    • Please provide the name and email address of your second reference.