Architecture Scholarship Application for Incoming Graduate Students

Applying for School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP) scholarships can be easy by following the steps below:

  1. Be enrolled at UWM and in good academic standing.
  2. Submit this application.
  3. Some scholarships are need-based. To qualify for these, complete the FAFSA.

The majority of SARUP scholarships are auto-matched. By submitting this application you are applying to the majority of these scholarships.

Please direct any questions regarding this application to

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Architecture Department, College of Arts & Architecture, Graduate Student Scholarships, School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Supplemental Questions
  1. Several scholarships require additional information. To qualify for these scholarships, upload your cover letter, resume, and design portfolio.
    • 1. Upload your cover letter.
    • 2. Upload your resume.
    • 3. Upload your design portfolio.
  2. Several local firms provide SARUP scholarships and/or support students via internships. Please indicate if you are available for an upcoming summer internship.
  3. The following two questions are specifically for the Lillian and Willis Leenhouts Memorial Scholarship. To qualify, you must answer these questions.
    • 1. Write a narrative about your interests as they relate to these five criteria:

      (1) Discuss how you’ve demonstrated interest in the success of women and/or diverse communities, including their influences as they relate to the built environment
      (2) Share your record of service to SARUP and the outside community
      (3) Describe your leadership potential and how you’d demonstrate your ability to be a positive ambassador for the scholarship
      (4) Express your forward ideas about the future of our profession, its roles and responsibilities
      (5) Include a description of your plans for the future
    • 2. Upload a portfolio highlighting one to two academic projects or related work. 7 page maximum, no larger than 10MB in pdf form titled lastnamefirstnameleenhouts.pdf.
  4. Do you certify that all information on this application is correct and complete, and do you authorize the release of information contained in this application and in your student and financial aid records at UWM to the appropriate departmental scholarship selection committees for the purpose of evaluation and scholarship award selection?