Racial Justice Community Project Grant

The UWM Urban Studies Program has developed a grant program for Urban Studies majors and Urban Studies undergraduate certificate students. This program is designed to help students pursue community-based activities that further racial equity and racial justice, broadly defined, in Milwaukee. Grants for up to $500 are available to support work on a project with a community partner or partners. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants should notify Jamie Harris (jmh@uwm.edu) when they apply so that your application is viewed promptly. Dr. Harris can also be contacted directly with any questions.

Examples of projects include but are not limited to internships, volunteer positions, community organizing, urban gardening, and mentoring or tutoring of elementary or high-school students. Funding may be used for student compensation for unpaid work (such as unpaid internships), supplies and expenses, travel to and from community work sites, and other expenses associated with the community project. Projects must include a community partner, such as an organization or agency hosting internships or volunteer positions.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Answer the following questions about your racial justice community project.
    • 1 Provide a brief overview of the project and why are you interested in pursuing this work.
    • 2 Describe your relationship with the community partner.
    • 3 Describe the specific activities you will be engaged in.
    • 4 Describe the expected outcomes of the project.
    • 5 Explain how the project will advance racial equity and justice in Milwaukee.
    • 6 Explain how the project will benefit the community partner.
  2. Upload a letter from the community partner which confirms their participation in and support for your project.
  3. Confirm that you have or you will notify Dr. Jamie Harris of your pending application by emailing jmh@uwm.edu.