Lubar Graduate Scholarship Application

This is a general scholarship application for all Lubar College of Business Graduate students. By completing this application, students are applying for various awards available to Lubar graduate students.

Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Lubar College of Business, Graduate Student Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Major Field of Study
  2. Program
  3. Number of Graduate Credits Completed
  4. GPA
  5. Will you be attending full or part time (8 credits or more in the fall/spring semester is considered full time)
  6. Are you receiving any tuition support from your employer?
  7. If you are receiving support from your employer, how much?
  8. What are your career goals?
  9. Why did you choose your planned program within the Lubar College of Business?
  10. The Lubar College values diversity in its many forms. Please explain how you believe diversity can benefit the business field.
  11. Is there any other information you feel the committee should know about you or your situation when making a decision?
  12. What are your current/past entrepreneurial activities and future entrepreneurial plans? If not applicable, put N/A.
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