Leah Fetter Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in the name of Leah Fetter, a bright and dedicated former student in French at UWM. The scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement and demonstrated financial need to a French major who is going to participate in one of UWM’s study-abroad or exchange programs in a French-speaking country. Applicants must be full-time and have FAFSA information showing financial need to be eligible.

Applications are typically accepted in February and March for study abroad in summer or fall and will include a brief essay on the planned study abroad. Students must also meet the March 1 deadline to apply for study abroad through the UWM Center for International Education.

NOTE: This scholarship is for Milwaukee-campus students planning to study at a program outside of Milwaukee and outside of the United States. This is not for international students coming to the Milwaukee campus to study.

The late Dr. Bruce Fetter
Varies up to $1,000
Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Global Studies Program, College of Letters and Science, Need-Based Scholarships, UWM Foundation Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide a short description of the study abroad program or international internship you will be participating in, including the time period you will be abroad. You must have also applied to the specific program through the Center for International Education by their March 1 deadline.
  2. Describe how your study abroad experience will help you meet your educational and professional goals. Include information about the specific program you will be attending and how that program relates to your goals.