Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program) Student Application

We are now accepting for the 2025 academic school year to go into Summer 2025.

The McNair Scholars Program is a federal TRIO grant funded by the United States (U.S.) Congress and facilitated by the U.S. Department of Education, and currently located at 187 institutions across the country. It is designed to prepare undergraduate participants for doctoral studies through involvement in research, professional development, and scholarly activities. The McNair Scholars Program carries the mission of increasing the representation of first-generation, low-income, and racial/ethnic minority students within graduate education and the PhD. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is one of the first 14 institutions to be awarded the McNair grant, having received grant funding since 1991.

  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time in the undergraduate division at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and meet minimum eligibility criteria to receive an application review. Submissions are reviewed by a committee and admission is provided to no more than 15 students.
  • Participation in the McNair Scholars Program begins in the Spring semester in the academic year prior to graduation. The spring semester will include a flexible lunch and learn workshop that will focus on research building skills that will be used in the summer programming.
  • Participants are required to engage with all programming each term from admission into the program until receipt of the bachelor’s degree. Summer programming entails a full-time research internship. All participants who complete the summer component and are on track to fulfill all program requirements are granted a summer stipend, graduate school application fee waivers, and a reduction in the cost of the GRE.
  • After the summer programming, participants are expected to engage in regular meetings with McNair staff on their progress towards graduate program application and Fall/Spring McNair programming.

Students receive a stipend of $2,800 for participating in a 10-week summer program.
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First-Generation Student Scholarships, McNair Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. What are your academic and professional/career goals? How does participation in the McNair Scholars Program direct you to accomplish them?
  2. How will a PhD support those professional/career goals?
  3. What is your primary phone number?
  4. Do you plan to apply to graduate school?
  5. What is your ultimate academic degree goal?
  6. What do you wish to study at the graduate level?
  7. What graduate program do you see yourself completing?
  8. Do you consider yourself a strong writer? What do you like about writing?
  9. What types of content/media do you typically read in your personal time? (Online or print newspaper/magazines, social media/blogs, books, articles, etc.)
  10. Demographic Details:
    • 1. Are you a student with accommodation needs for disability?
    • 2. If yes, Please list accommodations you would like us to be aware of.
  11. Description
    • 1. Which of the following most accurately describes you?
    • 2.None of the above, please type your description:
  12. Are you considered Independent or Dependent, according to Financial Aid?
  13. If you are considered Dependent, please enter the size of your family unit and TAXABLE Income based upon the tax returns or tax transcripts of those who claim you (parent/legal guardian) as a dependent. Note: Taxable income not the adjusted gross income.
    • 1. Size of Family Unit
    • 2. Taxable Income
  14. If you are considered Independent by Financial Aid, please enter the size of your family unit and TAXABLE Income based upon your own tax returns or tax transcripts. Note: Taxable income not the adjusted gross income.
    • 1. Size of Family Unit
    • 2. Taxable Income
  15. Race or Ethnicity Background
    • Other
    • Please indicate your race or ethnicity below (select all that apply):
  16. Please download the 2024 UWM-McNair-Program-Eligibility-Certification. Follow the instructions on the form to complete the document, ensure that the form is complete and signed by the appropriate person, then upload in PDF format.
  17. Have you received or are you currently receiving services/programming from other federal TRIO programs? 
  18. Are you an active participant of WiscAMP or SURF who is currently receiving program funding?
  19. Do you currently hold a Bachelor's Degree?
  20. Are you a transfer student from a 4-year college/university?
  21. Are you a transfer student who has attended a technical or community college prior to enrollment at a 4-year college/university?
  22. What was your first date of post-secondary enrollment? (MM/DD/YYYY)
  23. Please upload unofficial transcript from previous universities
  24. What is your expected graduation semester/year? (Please confirm with your undergraduate advisor prior to selecting if you are unsure)
  25. What are undergraduate degrees and certificates are you pursuing and intending to complete?
    • 1. Major 1:
    • 2. Major 2 (N/A if not applicable):
    • 3. Minor(s):
    • 4. Certificates (N/A if not applicable):
  26. What will your university standing be at the start of Spring 2025? (Please confirm with your undergraduate advisor prior to selecting if you are unsure)
  27. What will your university standing be at the start of Summer 2025? (Please confirm with your undergraduate advisor prior to selecting, if you are unsure)
  28. Please upload an unofficial copy of your UWM transcript.
  29. What are your research interests and where do you want to focus your research agenda?
  30. What do you know about research in your field?
  31. How have you grown your understanding of this topic and your field? What authors or scholars inform your view?
  32. Have you worked with faculty to explore this research agenda? What are your research experiences? If you have no research experience, please explain how you do intend to prepare.
  33. Please provide details related to your letter of recommendation:
    • 1. Recommender's Name
    • 2. Recommender's Title
    • 3. Recommender's Department/Unit/Company
    • 4. Recommender's email
    • 5. How long have you known this recommender?
    • 6. In what capacity do you know this recommender?
    • Please upload the letter of recommendation here. If you cannot, please have the writer send it via email to us at
  34. I give permission to the UWM McNair Scholars Program to view my Financial Aid information to verify Taxable Income Reported, Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and Cost of Attendance (COA) values to confirm Federal Need and TRIO-McNair program eligibility. My signature allows them to proceed.
    • 1. Signature (type your name)
    • 2. Today's Date
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