L Joseph Lukowicz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial aid to master’s students in geosciences undertaking field-oriented lithostratigraphic thesis projects. This scholarship is named after and honors a former Geosciences graduate student. Qualified applicants will:

  • Be a graduate student at the master’s level in geosciences
  • Be engaged in field work/research

Applications are typically accepted in January and February and are paid the following summer or fall unless a student is graduating in May. E.g. most recipients chosen in February 2023 will receive payment in summer or fall 2023.

Graduate geosciences students should complete the geosciences graduate supplemental application. A link will be posted here when available.

Multiple Donors
Varies up to $1,000
Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Geosciences Department, Graduate Student Scholarships, College of Letters and Science