Lubar Doctoral Scholarship

This is a general scholarship application for all Lubar School of Business Doctoral students. By completing this application, students are applying for various awards available to Lubar Doctoral students.

Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Lubar College of Business, Graduate Student Scholarships, UWM Foundation Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. For Lubar Doctoral Scholarship Opportunities, please complete the following:
    • One copy of a brief statement (maximum 3 pages) summarizing your research- related accomplishments, including published papers, conference papers and/or presentations, first or second year research papers, completed dissertation proposals, and research manuscripts.
    • Please provide a copy of current vita.
    • Please provide other relevant information: (e.g., honors, awards, publications, and relevant employment experience).
    • Please provide other scholarships and awards you have received (amounts and expiration dates):
    • Please provide previous UWM Fellowship or Graduate Assistant Support (list dates and percentage time of appointments):
    • Please submit any published or working papers. (If you would like to submit multiple papers, please compile into one file for upload)
    • The Lubar Doctoral scholarship require support from your Faculty Major Professor. Please enter their name and email address for support confirmation.
  2. Have you completed one year in the Lubar Doctoral program by the end of this spring term?