Chancellor's Graduate Student Award in Public Health

Funding opportunity for Zilber College of Public Health Graduate students. Purpose is to support excellence in research and academics. Funds can be used for academic and research expenses at the awardee’s discretion.

Enrolled full-time (8+ Credits) and in good academic standing at the Zilber College of Public Health.

To be considered for this and all other Zilber College of Public Health scholarships, students must complete the entire General Application.

Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Areas
Graduate Student Scholarships, Public Health Programs, Joseph J. Zilber College of Public Health
Supplemental Questions
  1. What year are you in your PhD Studies?
  2. Have you completed your preliminary exam, and if not, when do you plan to sit for the exam?
  3. Have you successfully proposed your dissertation, and if not, when do you plan to propose?
  4. What is your expected date of graduation?
  5. Do you currently have other sources of funding for your studies and/or PhD research?
  6. Upload your CV/Resume
  7. Submit a personal statement describing how this award will help you achieve your research and academic goals?
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