RHC Emergency Spring Award

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Roberto Hernández Center (RHC) has established the Latino Student Fund as a source of emergency funding for currently enrolled Latino/a/x students who face unexpected expenses that affect their continued pursuit of an undergraduate degree. The overall goal of the Latino Student Fund is to increase the number of Latino/a/x students successfully graduating from UWM.

Please be advised that receipt of an Emergency Award can be interpreted as taxable income. If you are awarded money through an Emergency Award, you may receive a 1099 form at the end of the year indicating that the amount of your award is being counted as part of your income. If this occurs, you will be responsible for reporting that income to the IRS.

Multiple Donors
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Roberto Hernandez Center, University-Wide Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed the General Application in the Scholarship Portal? (If not, please fill out the General Application in the Scholarship Portal prior to completing this application)
  2. Financial Aid Information- RHC highly recommends that you complete a FAFSA for the current academic year if you are eligible and the following questions assume that you have.
    • 1. Are you eligible to file a FAFSA for this current academic year?
    • 2. Have you accepted all of the aid that was awarded to you, including loans?
  3. Income Information
    • 1. Please state your annual household income.
    • 2. Please state your personal monthly income (Of yourself if you are independent or of your parents if you are a dependent).
  4. Marital status as of TODAY
  5. Dependency Status
    • Dependency Status (please check all that apply.)
    • If you ARE a dependent, please list the total number of people in the claimant's household, including yourself (if you are not a dependent please put zero;0)
    • If you HAVE dependents, please list the total number of dependents you claim on your income taxes (if you do not have dependents please put zero;0)
  6. Please describe your Latinx/a/o Heritage
  7. Scholarship amount requesting:
  8. Date funds are needed by:
  9. Have you ever received an RHC Emergency Scholarship in the past?
  10. Please describe your emergency financial need - including how it threatens your continued enrollment at UWM and how an emergency award will prevent you from dropping out.
  11. Please upload all documentation you will provide to support this application. If you are unable to provide documentation please email us at rhc@uwm.edu with subject line "RHC Emergency Award" (Note: documentation MUST BE INCLUDED with application in PDF or IMAGE form and may consist of items such as: a letter from a third party, an eviction notice, a bill or expense past due notice, bank statement, etc.)
    • 1. Please upload IMAGE1 documentation here
    • 2. Please upload IMAGE2 documentation here
    • 3. Please upload PDF1 documentation here
    • 4. Please upload PDF2 documentation here
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