The Estate of Roxy and Bud Heyse

The Estate of Roxy and Bud Heyse

Bud and Roxy Heyse were integral members of the Greater Milwaukee community and believed in giving back with their time and resources. Together they traveled the world, collecting passports stamps and memories, from China to Africa, Paris to Dubai.

Bud was the former president of Journal Communication, the publisher of the Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel during his tenure.

Roxy was a graduate of Milwaukee Downer College, the predecessor campus of UWM. Throughout her life she was a master at garnering other volunteers and soliciting donors for various charitable causes. One of her most cherished causes was the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra where she served on the board of directors for 23 years. Other organizations that benefited from her generosity include Marquette University, UW-Madison, Milwaukee Zoological Society, United Way, and the United Performing Arts Fund. In general, the arts and education were near and dear to her heart.

The Heyse’s are survived by three daughters, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Bud and Roxy Heyse’s legacy lives on through their gifts to numerous organization in Wisconsin that will continue to impact numerous students and patrons of the arts.