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Drs. John R. Johnson and Kathryn A. Dindia

Dr. John R. Johnson served as Professor in the Department of Communication from 1978 until his retirement in 2011. Dr. Johnson taught in the areas of professional and organizational communication, and his research foci were applied organizational communication and instructional communication. Dr. Kathryn A. Dindia also retired as a Professor of Communication in 2011. Her areas of focus were interpersonal communication and comparative communication as seen through the lens of gender or culture.


Drs. Johnson and Dindia established the Frank X.E. Dance Scholarship in 2000, in recognition of their UWM colleague. Frank Dance began his teaching career at UWM in 1963, additionally serving as Director of the UWM Speech Communication Center. Dr. Dance received the student selected Standard Oil Foundation Award as an outstanding teacher and was appointed a Knapp University Scholar in Communication by the UW Board of Regents. The Scholarship recognizes and supports undergraduate Communication majors who are completing scholarly research that enhances our understanding of the human communication process.

They also founded the John R. Johnson Research Award in 2002 to recognize Dr. Johnson’s many accomplishments throughout his career. The Scholarship recognizes and supports undergraduate Communication students who are traveling to scholarly conferences for the purpose of disseminating academic research that advances the field of Communication.