Dr. Henry S. Kepner, Jr.

Dr. Henry S. Kepner, Jr.

Professor Emeritus Henry S. Kepner, Jr. served on the faculty of the UWM School of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction from 1972 until his retirement in 2011. He also held an adjunct appointment in the College of Letters & Science Department of Mathematics. His research interests in mathematics resulted in numerous publications, funded projects, and professional development programs. An internationally recognized consultant on mathematics education, he received many distinctions and awards and was a founding member and first president of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Henry also taught middle and high school mathematics for 12 years in Milwaukee and Iowa City.


Henry Kepner hopes that his scholarship will serve as an inspiration and recruitment tool to encourage more students who share his love of math to consider a career teaching mathematics. According to Henry, scholarships are imperative to not only attract students who want to teach mathematics but also to keep high-quality students in the education certification program.

“I realized most of my students were juggling multiple responsibilities beyond their coursework. As they approached their clinicals, they needed more hours for planning and reflection. Scholarship support gave them the time to succeed”.