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Chester A. Raasch

Mildred H. Raasch, born in 1910, was 10 years old when her youngest sibling, Chester, was born. At 18, she taught in a one-room school near Muskego. She ended her career as a principal in the Milwaukee Public Schools. Chester spent his career working at the New York Central Railroad and the Milwaukee Road, eventually rising to the position of Chief Clerk.


Mildred attained her Bachelor?s degree in Education from the Milwaukee State Teacher?s College in 1945. After Mildred?s death in 2007, Chester became the last living member of his immediate family. He generously remembered his sister?s alma mater, and the role this institution played in her life?s work. Through his gift, Chester keeps alive the memory of a highly talented teacher and a brother?s devotion to his older sister