Opportunity for Success Scholarship

The primary purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in the UWM College of Health Sciences who are members of the “first generation” in their families to attend college (i.e. neither parent received a baccalaureate degree).

Minimum of $1,000
School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
College of Health Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. What does the UWM College of Health Sciences motto “Where science enriches lives” mean to you?
  2. Release Information for Publications and Promotional Materials

    I authorize UWM to release my name, qualifications, and/or photo as a recipient of this scholarship in university publications and promotional materials.
    • 1. I authorize my name or any information to be used in publications or promotional materials not intended for Donors.
    • 2. Promotional Release Signature (type your name)
    • 3. Today's Date (Promotional Release)
  3. I hereby authorize UWM to disclose and transmit to the scholarship donors information regarding my educational records described below:

  4. Name, contact information, biographical information, admissions information, credits completed, cumulative grade point averages, field of study or major, expected graduation date, expected certificate and degree completion dates, and evidence of financial need.

    The purpose of this disclosure is to provide scholarship donors with information regarding my eligibility for continuing scholarship assistance and to provide designated scholar mentors with information useful in determining my needs as a student. I understand that I can also obtain a copy of the above indicated records if I desire.
    • 1. Educ Release Signature (type your name)
    • 2. Educ Release Today's Date