Greater Milwaukee Foundation Alice C. Helland Scholarship Fund Scholarship

Intended for full-time female students at junior, senior or Master’s level enrolled in a curriculum leading to a career in the fields of science, mathematics, computer science or engineering. (This does not include social science fields). Must be from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington or Ozaukee county. Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in prior undergraduate course work and demonstrated financial need. Preference may be given to graduate students planning to re-enter the work force if all other qualifications are equal. Not intended for international students.

Minimum of $2,500
School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
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Supplemental Questions
  1. The Greater Milwaukee Foundation primarily serves the region comprised of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties. Please verify which city and county you currently reside in, along with the dates (from month/year to month/year).
  2. Are you majoring in mathematics and/or a science field, including computer science or engineering with intent to pursue a career in one of these fields?
  3. Are you pursuing a degree as a means of re-entering the workforce?
  4. Discuss the reasons why and how you chose your degree program. In addition, clearly define your educational objectives, and your career and professional goals.
  5. Approximate number of credits you plan to take at UWM each semester: Indicate "0" if none will be taken in that term.
    • Fall 2020:
    • Spring 2021:
    • Summer 2021:
    • Winterim 2021:
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