Leenhouts Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to any SARUP student who has demonstrated academic merit and a record of service to the School. Applicant must: a) exhibit leadership potential and demonstrate the ability to be a positive ambassador for the scholarship; b) seek to explore alternative design philosophies that enhance and relate to the purpose of the scholarship; c) express forward ideas about the future of our profession, its roles and responsibilities; and d) demonstrate interest in the success of women and/or diverse communities, including their influences as they relate to the built environment
Upload as a single PDF:  1) Cover page with your name, level in program, and name of scholarship; 2) Resume highlighting your accomplishments and experience (1-page max.); 3) Narrative of your interests as they relate to the four criteria listed for the scholarship, as well as a description of your plans for the future (2-page max.)  The narrative is weighted more heavily than the portfolio; 4) Portfolio highlighting 1-2 academic projects or related works (7-page max.) Portfolio submission: ‘print pdf’ to reduce size before sending; label as Leenhouts_Lastname.pdf; 5) Unofficial copy of transcripts

School/Colleges, Departments, and Areas
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a portfolio of your work (file cannot be larger than 10mbs)